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Tourist Dept. Queen Charlotte Sound. But after about three years of successful labour among the natives, his work was largely undone by the migration of the Ngatitoas and Ngatiawas back to their old homes in the North Island.

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Thus early in the history of the district the white settlers were alarmed by two terrible tragedies— singleurlaub italien wohin massacres of and The Maori wife and child of Mr. The murderer was captured, but by an unfortunate marlborough dating nz of justice was acquitted. But the Maoris took vengeance on a band of settlers who came down from Port Underwood to the Wairau marlborough dating nz ; for though the actual facts were never revealed, the settlers all disappeared, and there is no doubt that they were murdered and probably eaten by the enraged natives.

The second tragedy that stains the records of Marlborough's early history—the Wairau massacre —has been described at length in the Nelson section of this volume. It was long before the sinister impression left by these terrible episodes passed away from the recollection marlborough dating nz either white settlers or Maoris.

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The efforts of the Europeans to obtain possession of land in the Marlborough district have been described in connection with the early history of Nelson.

Some time before a certain Captain Blenkinsopp alleged that he had bought the whole of the Wairau Plain from the Maoris for an old ship's gun, which was long preserved as an historic relic in Blenheim. When Colone. But there was no specific mention of it, and only three chiefs were parties to this sale; while by native law at least natives had a voice in the disposal of the land.

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Colonel Wakefield must surely have been aware of the utterly baseless nature of his claims, marlborough dating nz if he had not felt that to withdraw them would have been to acknowledge the failure of the Nelson settlement, he marlborough dating nz hardly, against so many warnings, have persisted in the unfortunate course that he followed. However, after the Wairau massacre, the Nelson settlement was still in urgent need of land for marlborough dating nz new colonists, and after the first excitement of the tragedy died down, a steady stream of settlers began to find their way across from the Waimea to the Wairau.

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In Messrs Fox, Redwood, Ward, and Goulter explored the valleys eastward, and discovered the Tophouse track, which for many years re- page mained the chief thoroughfare for communication east and west. All these explorers were immensely impressed with the richness of the country and its suitability for settlement, and by Sir George Grey had cleared the way for the colonists by the promise and payment of a considerable sum to Te Rauparaha in consideration of his tribe's claims to land on either marlborough dating nz of Cook Strait.

In Messrs Clifford and Weld afterwards Sir Marlborough dating nz and Sir Frederick brought over sheep from Sydney and took up the Flaxbourne run, the first great pastoral estate stocked in Marlborough. By there were still only Europeans in the whole district; but when, inthe New Single resource rotherham Company surrendered its rights to the Crown, over 34, acres in the Marlborough district were allotted to the Nelson settlers whose claims for land had not yet been met.

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The tenure of the early pastoral runs was by no means definite, and when Sir George Grey's land regulations in made the acquirement of the freehold easy, many of the runholders marlborough dating nz advantage of the change to secure the fee simple of their lands.

Trolove, Renwick, Vickerman, J. Stafford, Otterson, Clifford, Weld, and Dr. Life in the Wairau in those days meant hard work, but there was plenty of marlborough dating nz and variety about it. There was a large amount of animal life, from wild cattle and wild pigs to pigeon, duck and quail.

The first marlborough dating nz of town settlement was marked by the establishment of Mr.


Wynen's marlborough dating nz and grog shop at the Boulder Bank. The shipping of wool from the Wairau stations was now becoming a well-established industry; and Captain Bowler, who in took over Mr. Wynen's trade at the Boulder Bank, was for several years closely identified with the expansion of the growing set- Protected. Picton Viaduct.

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Macey, photo. By it was discovered that the Opawa was navigable for small boats, and the river trade began to supersede the slow and cumberous system schweizer singles frauen transporting the wool in barges and boats to Port Underwood. Between and this river trade constantly increased, and many of the pioneers of steam navigation in New Zealand are associated with its history.

Meantime settlement on the plain was growing, and agriculture on a small scale had been commenced. Godfrey, who took up the Woodburn farm, was the first to begin the cultivation of the soil in marlborough dating nz systematic way. Gouland, Mr. Redwood, Mr. Atkinson, and Mr.

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Mowat were among the best known of the pioneers who, aboutestablished themselves in small farms, and began to experiment upon the agricultural possibilities of Marlborough. But, as Mr. When marlborough dating nz arrived they brought their Nelson habits with them, ploughing with bullocks, reaping with sickles, and threshing with flails. One important centre of settlement was Spring Creek, which was the home of two leading pioneers—Mr.

Dodson and Mr. Henry Redwood.

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Dodson was the first farmer to plough with horses in Marlborough; he owned one of the first reaping machines and wire binders, and the first traction engine imported into the province. As the scrub and bush were cleared away the creeks—no longer obstructed—increased in volume, and frequent floods were the result; and Mr. Dodson was for more than a quarter of a century the chief director of the marlborough dating nz works erected to protect the land.

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Awatere Bridge. In Mr.

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White's Bay, Blenheim. The foundation and growth of the town of Blenheim naturally fills a large space in the early marlborough dating nz of the district. James Sinclair went to the Wairau, and was requested by Messrs Fell and Seymour, of Nelson, to assist in disposing, of sections of the area on which Blenheim now stands. But as the requirements of the wool trade were of paramount importance, and river shipping was then a very lucrative industry, Mr.

The little settlement quickly expanded, and, inDr. Muller was sent down from Nelson to act as postmaster and magistrate. The town and rural sections on the Beaver were rapidly taken up, and the business portion of the township soon extended along the bank marlborough dating nz the Opawa river.

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Hotels, a bank, and the Provincial Council Marlborough dating nz were speedily erected; and Mr. Sinclair, by building wharves and wool stores soon concentrated a large share of the wool transport trade in the new town.

Wairau Massacre Memorial. When the township was laid marlborough dating nz by Messrs Fell and Seymour, liberal reserves had been made for educational, religious, and other public purposes; and of these advantage was speedily taken.

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Nicholson, who had on several occasions visited the Wairau, left Nelson and set up at Renwicktown, the first Presbyterian church in Marlborough. He was followed by the Ven.

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dating seiten seriös Marlborough dating nz Butt, who resigned his Nelson cure to found the first Anglican church in the Wairau. The Roman Catholic church in those days was represented by Father Garin and Father Tressallett, who, like all ministers of the Gospel at that time, were compelled to brave all the hardships and dangers of early colonial life in their self-denying marlborough dating nz page forts to meet the spiritual needs of their flocks.

The Methodists were early represented in the district, and soon formed a strong community; and in the Rev.

Warren conducted the first Methodist service at the Beaver. Closely associated with the growth of the church was the establishment and extension of an educational system. In application was made to Nelson for a school teacher, and Mr. White was sent down to take charge of the first school. After the separation of Marlborough from Nelson the Provincial Council in appointed a committee of management to superintend education in the new province. Subsequently the Road Boards were constituted Boards of Education with power to levy rates and impose attendance fees; and on this basis marlborough dating nz schools were maintained till the present national system of education was set up.

Pelorus Valley, Marlborough.

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Millington, and the paper marlborough dating nz weekly till the seat of Government was removed to Picton. Tucker to represent the views of Blenheim in opposition to its rival, but it did not live long. Then Mr. Waitohi Bay was marlborough dating nz site of the new township, which was originally called Newtown. With the assistance of Sir George Grey's influence, the natives sold the reqiured land, and retired to a settlement at Waikawa close at hand.

But the little township, though dating back to the earliest days of provincial history, did not acquire importance tillwhen it became the seat of provincial government. For a time the discovery of gold at the Wakamarina increased its population and wealth, but after the collapse of the marlborough dating nz boom and the exhaustion of the timber in the Waitohi valley, it relapsed into comparative obscurity.

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On one occasion Mr.